Far From Home
Extractor Space
Deptford 2014

This residency was an experiment

in working alone

to see what it felt like

I sat in the space

took it in

tried to listen

And found a memory

an idea of home

I explored colour

their vibrations

I looked at light

observed it in the space

over the course of the day

I found some chairs at the market

imagined a conversation

And something happened…

Warehouse Sky
Collaboration with Tim Corne
Articulate Project Space
Sydney 2015

Turner Reflections
Extractors Group Show Deptford X
London 2015

96 Teesdale St
London 2017

after Mondrian


turner Reflections

warehouse sky

Colour Score & Star Grid
Collaboration with Tim Corne
Articulate Project Space
Sydney 2018

“Everything in heaven and earth comes full circle in Star grid, 2018 a collaborative work by
Tim Corne and Martin Langthorne, that maps the exhibition itself and the artist’s works in
relation to one and another with reference to heavyweights John Cage and Antonin Becvar’s
own celestial atlases. Their Colour Score 2018 was ‘the show stopper’ of this incarnation of
Ferret bringing clear triumphant stillness to the exhibition.”
Isobel Johnson

Collina Santo Stefano 645am
Lumen Residency Show
Atina, Italy 2018

Monte Prato
Falling Stars/Stelle Cadenti
Lumen Residency Show
St Pancras Church Crypt
London 2019


Turner Reflections
at “On Sulphur”

a programme including discussions from chemists, artistic responses, films, performance and more on the suject of Sulphur
curated by Sheila Ghelani

Turner Reflections, a study
Lumen / Cosmic Sublime
Pie Factory Margate
 April 2019

Taking ones of Turner’s paintings back to its colour beginning and exploring the elemental qualities of light and colour
After Moonlight
Luna // A Celebration of our Moon
Lumen Crypt Gallery
Bethnal Green
August 2019

Colour Score/Star Grid 2019
Through the looking Glass
Lumen/Ugly Duck
October 2019
Cyber Spark
Marty Collaborated with Sheila Ghelani to make a music video for Cyber Spark, a track on Andrew Poppy’s new album
Hoarse Songs

see it here

Andrew Poppy Hoarse Songs